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September 22, 2013
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Two breakfast trays are pushed up to Ciel, one on each side of the extensive table.

"Honestly, don't you two have anything better to do?" He groans.

"No, My Lord."
"Not at the moment, Earl Phantomhive."

"Sebastian, I can't believe you actually let her cook."

"My Lady insisted on it, so I couldn't object."

"Earl, please shut up and eat your food," you smile menacingly. 

"You're under no right to talk to me like that--"

"I'm not?" You look at him with a glare. "I'm just like you, remember?"

"T-that's right. Continue," Ciel sighs.

Sebastian lifts the top off of the tray to reveal a glass of something and a pie.
"I have prepared an organic chilled blueberry soup and a sun dried tomato quiche for the main course. Do you prefer yogurt or cream cheese, my lord?"

"Cream cheese," Ciel replies boredly.

"I mixed local blueberries with imported ones from California to create a sweet and sour taste. You seem to favor that, my lord. For the quiche, I used quail eggs, which go wonderfully with italian tomatoes," Sebastian continues.
You watch from the side as Ciel eats. "So? How does it taste?" You ask.

"Eh? It's good. I didn't really think about the taste, since it tastes just like any other breakfast Sebastian would make for me," he replies.

The room goes into an awkward silence.
"This spoiled brat is so used to this that he doesn't even bother to taste food anymore," you whisper under your breath.

"Well then, My Lady, why don't you try it?" Sebastian smiles at you. He then looks at the other four servants. "You too. I have plenty to go around."

"I don't see why not," you say, sitting down in a chair beside Ciel.

You are presented with the same thing the earl previously gulped down without thinking about, and you watch as the servants nervously- but extremely excitedly- sit down in the chairs beside you. 

"I've never sat down in this table before!" Mey-Rin squeals.
"I've never dreamed of it!" Finny exclaims.

"Never? But you've worked here for so long," you question them.

"I don't allow it normally, but just for today, there's an exception," Sebastian explains.

"Oh," you reply, looking at the excited servants as they slowly taste the food.

"This is amazing! I've never had anything so delicious!" The servants gawk around, talking to each other about the food.

"Hey, you four! Don't be so loud at the table! It gives me a headache," Ciel complains.

You look over your slice of quiche, scanning everything to make sure it isn't poisoned. Then you take a bite.

"This is good," you critique. "The colorful tomato gives the savory quiche a bit of tang, exactly what it needs to balance out the dish. The cold blueberry soup evens out with the hot quiche, and it's sweet, but also rich. Well done. This is a very fancy selection. It's better than most of the restaurants I've taken Her-- uh, my family to."

The servants ooh and ah at your criticism, before hulking down the rest of their food.

"Thank you, My Lady," Sebastian smiles.

"Now," you stand up. "It's my turn." 
You place in front of Ciel a plate. 

"You made a strawberry shortcake for breakfast?" Ciel looks at you, uncertain.

"Not exactly. I mixed English muffin dough and shortcake dough together to create a pastry that's both flaky and chewy at the same time. Try it, earl."

Upon tasting the strawberry shortcake, Ciel's eyes go wide. 

"Strawberry coconut sugar cream," you explain. "It was your mother's favorite. I can still remember the sight of that happy family all sitting at a table enjoying their favorite dessert, the sun shining through the windows. The strawberries I used were rather sour, so I thought of that extremely sweet, rich cream that your mother adored."

"It's good," Ciel compliments. "It's really good."

"Thank you, earl. As for the denver scramble, I decided to give it a nice rosemary scent, to make it feel homey. The honey ham adds a dash of sweetness to the overall dish."

"It's very bright," Sebastian mentions.

"A variety of cheery colors promote appetite," you smile.

"It's salty," Ciel complains.


"It's really salty," he complains again.

"I'm sorry, both Her and I have preferred strongly salty foods. I suppose habits are hard to break," you explain, slightly worried.

I messed up there. I can't mess up again.

"I prepared a dessert, however," you walk over to the tray and lift up the small silver platter, revealing a dog-shaped mango pudding.

"I used plenty of milk in this. I mean, guard dog, you do want to escape from those four-inch heels one day, right?" You giggle.

Ciel's face goes red and he quickly eats the pudding, and you earn a satisfied chuckle from his butler.

"So? Who was better? Me or Sebastian?" You ask Ciel.


"Excuse me, My Lord?"

"You both won, or you both lost. Either way, you're on equal ground. Now, I want to go to my studies," Ciel says, standing up.

"So neither of us gets the prize?" You ask.

"No. You both get the prize," Ciel continues.

"I see. In that case, we shall discuss it later. For now, come, my lord," Sebastian tucks in Ciel's chair and pushes away the tray. Ciel- in his four-inch heels- follows closely behind. Before the two disappear from sight down the hall, Sebastian turns his head and gives you a malicious grin.

You sit in the garden, watching the servants trim the bushes. "Honestly, the earl could have just announced that nobody got the prize," you complain out loud. "Who knows what he'll make me do?"

"It's fine, My Lady!" Mey-Rin exclaims. "Even though both of you are supposed to get a request from each other, Sebastian can't order you to do anything, because he's just a butler! In the end, it would only be reasonable for you to give him an order!"

"I suppose so," you laugh. "Thanks, Mey-Rin."
I wish that was true, but our positions in human society don't matter. Once the deal has been made, there's no backing out of things.

"Wah! I knocked over a tree again! Sebastian's gonna kill me!" Finny cries.

"Is he regularly this tough to you all?" You ask the bunch.

"I suppose so, but I wouldn't call it mean..."
"He does everything perfectly! Even if I wanted to talk back to him, I couldn't!"
"He's amazing, yes!"
"But so are you, My Lady, says Wilfred."

"I see... well, thank you. I'm going to the library," you smile, waving to the servants as you go back into the manor.

You push open the library doors, revealing the extensive bookshelves, filled with novels and encyclopedias of all types. You walk over to a bookcase, examining the various titles to find a book to read.

"Sebastian, what are you doing here?"

You turn around to see him right behind you.

"I'm usually here at this time to clean the library room, My Lady," he smiles.

"You don't have to call me that here. We're alone, so it's fine," you explain.

"I see. In that case, let's announce our requests to each other."

"Sure. I'll go first. Stop being so hard on the servants of this household," you order.

"Are you sure? You're wasting something so precious on a couple of humans?" Sebastian questions, placing his knuckles on his chin.

"I don't see why not," you continue. "I just wanted to do the contest for fun, and it's not like I specifically want anything from you anyway."

"You don't want anything from me? Meaning?"

"It means I don't particularly value you. You're just another demon in hundreds I've stumbled across in my long lifetime. Even more, you're already leashed. I don't need or want anything from you."

"I see," Sebastian mutters, looking rather disappointed.

"So? What's your request for me?"

"I want you to never lie to me," he explains, playing with a lock of your hair. "Alright?" He smiles, leaning closer.

You look at Sebastian blankly, then suddenly burst into laughter, pushing him away. He looks at you, surprised.

"Is that really it? God, I was worried over nothing! I expected you to ask me to kill myself or something, but no, I got something as simple as that!" 

"Kill yourself?" He questions, distraught. "I would never ask you to do that."

You lean on a chair, gasping for air. Then you retain your posture and stand upright again. "Sure. I can do that."

You turn around from Sebastian to walk to a chair, but a pair of hands on your shoulders stop you in your tracks.

"You don't trust me?" He whispers into your ears.

"Of course not," you reply immediately, turning around. "It's nothing personal, of course. It's just past experience. Most of the other demons tried to lull me in with sweet, deadly words, but that simply doesn't work on me."

"So you think I'll do the same."

"Precisely. Nevertheless, I'm constantly bored, so I'll help out your "master" with his search for those living dead bodies. It sounds fun."

"To you I'm nothing but a nuisance, but do you know what you are to me?"

"What am I to you? A toy? A prize?" You mutter sarcastically.

Sebastian grabs you by the waist, pulling you towards him and cupping his hand on your face. You stare into his pink eyes with a bored expression.

"A dream."

Your eyes widen just slightly and you push him away. He gives you a gentle, pained smile as you walk towards the door.

"Honestly," you mutter, giving Sebastian a final unamused glance. "I'm going to go see Ciel. I'll be in his study room... if you need me," you mention.

"Very well, My Lady," Sebastian smiles as you leave the library.

You're difficult, My Lady.
But I love a challenge...

...not to mention you as well.
Oh my god Ciel is a short cutiepie.
To be honest, I actually like Ciel more than Sebastian, he just scares me.

Chapter 9:…

I do not own Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.
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